{ The American Dream plan B } (2021)
{ The American Dream plan B } (2021)

New work in gallery section. 💋


{ Song for Thrill and Tom } (2020)
{ Song for Thrill and Tom } (2020)

So happy to share with you my album cover for Ane Brun’s new single “Song for Thrill and Tom”, out now.


I’m so incredibly proud to have shot and directed the video for Ane Brun’s Song for Thrill and Tom. Watch the full video on my Instagram or on my newly created YouTube channel: here.  💋


{ Overcome me all my sadness } (II) (2019)
{ Overcome me all my sadness } (II) (2019)

I’m so incredibly honoured to be featured at Kodak Professional.

Tirilleia is a photographer that embeds a dreamlike tale that draws you into the moment she captures in each of her photographs. It can be described as enchanted storytelling.


I like to think of my photographs as inner, emotional landscapes. They carry my heart, my hopes and dreams. I usually say that I’m shooting with my eyes closed and my heart open. I don’t shoot what I see – I shoot what I feel.
I shoot Kodak film simply because it’s the absolute best film there is.




Honoured to have shot the album cover for Ane Brun’s beautiful new single – her very first Christmas song, Silent Night Before The First Day Of Christmas. Out now! 💋



 Tirilleia { and other assorted love songs } –

now at Pom & Flora!

A handpicked selection of my photographs – 

a greatest hits collection if you will,

are now showing at Pom & Flora in Stockholm!

All signed, limited edition (1/1) prints –

made with love from me to you.

Perfect holiday gifts. 

Tirilleia { & other assorted love songs }

Pom & Flora

Bondegatan 64, Stockholm.

November 5th – December 31th, 2019  

Weekdays 07-03 pm, Weekends 09-04 pm

Welcome! 💋


{ In between a memory and a dream } 

I’m so happy to share with you that my exhibition

{ In between a memory and a dream }

opens at Galleri Korn in Stockholm next week! 

Galleri Korn

Hornsgatan 147, Stockholm

August 19th – 25, 2019

Tuesday – Friday 5-8 pm, Saturday – Sunday 11-5 pm

Opening Monday 19th August, 5 pm -20 pm

Finissage Sunday 25th,

with special apparence by Ane Brun & Jennie Abrahamson.

Welcome! 💋

{ In between a memory and a dream }
{ In between a memory and a dream } (poster & video by Anna Gorbow)

To have the privilege of working closely with Tirilleia’s exhibition { In between a memory and a dream } has been a true joy. These beautiful handmade prints all carry a feeling of the artist’s tenderness and love, and each image is unique and filled with passion as well as deep poetry. Her photographs give the viewer all the mysteries of life – beautifully and stylishly packaged behind glass and frame. Tirilleia’s work offers us both golden-edged dreamy moments, as well as her philosophical existential thoughts about what it means to be alive.

Kristina Gellerstedt, owner, Galleri Korn.


{ The light from one } Portrait of Ane Brun (2018)
{ The inner light } Portrait of Ane Brun (2018)

“Tirilleia’s photos have all the ingredients I love, carefully mixed for each shot. Beauty and rawness, poetry and substance, white light and black darkness, bright colours when needed, intelligence and innocence, silence and noise, sadness and passion. Never lacking of taste and texture. I’m so proud to have her work illustrate many of my records and songs with such excellence.”

Ane Brun, songwriter, guitarist & vocalist.

Scandinavian pop royalty Ane Brun needs no further presentation. No one inspires me or touches me like Ane, her light and her music. I’m so incredibly honoured to have shot the covers for her recent singles & albums, as well as her new publicity photos. A true muse of love & light. /Tirilleia.

{ The light from one } Portrait of Ane Brun (2018)
{ The light from one } Ane Brun (2018)


{ H a l o } Ane Brun (2019)
{ H a l o } Ane Brun (2018)


Album photography for Ane Brun: Live at Berwaldhallen (2018)
Live at Berwaldhallen / album cover for Ane Brun (2018)


Ane Brun’s new live album Live at Berwaldhallen is out now on Balloon Ranger Recordings.


All photos ©tirilleia